Pandharinath Gangadhar Nageshkar

Born in 1913 at Nageshi, Goa, Shri Pandharinath Gangadhar Nageshkar received his training in Tabla under Shri Yashvant V. Bandiwadekar, Shri Subrao Ankolkar, Ustad Amir Hussain Khan, Ustad Ahmadjan Thir- akwa and Pandit Laxmanrao. He also received training in Pakhawaj. Shri Pandharinath Gangadhar Nageshkar has made a contribution in the field of Hindustani music as a teacher of Tabla. He has trained a large number of artists, particularly in western India, many of whom have achieved individual eminence as performers and teachers. The traditions of various gharanas of Tabla are admirably assimilated in his art. He has accompanied many leading vocalists and instru- mentalists in their performances. Shri Gangadhar Nageshkar has been honoured by the Goa Kala Academy and other arts organizations. Shri Pandharinath Gangadhar Nageshkar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Hindu- stani instrumental music.