Vasant Josalkar

Born on 8 January 1947 in Varkhand village in Pednem district of Goa, Shri Vasant Josalkar is a well-known actor in the Marath i and Hindi theatre. He was drawn into theatre by way of the traditional Sangeet Natak, taking part in performances in his village together with his father and his brother. Later, he attended the National School of Drama, New Delhi, taking a diploma in stagecraft in 1976. He joined the NSD Repertory Company the following year and worked there up to 1986, acting in various successful productions. In 1987, Shri Josalkar moved back to Goa to work for the Goa Kala Academy, and served the Academy as Director up to 2000. He has been an independent actor since that time.
Shri Josalkar's plays with the NSD Repertory include productions such as Mukhyamantri (1979), dramatized from Chanakya Sen's novel and directed by Ranjit Kapoor; Basam Sabnis's Saiyan Bhaye Kotwal (1980) directed by Usha Banerjee; and Rameshwar Prem's Charpai (1975) directed by Manohar Singh. He is remembered for his role in Shirwadkar 's Natsamrat (1986) directed by Kirti Jain and presented by Sambhav in Delhi; and Athol Fugard's A Place with the Pigs (1993), in English, directed by Gyanesh Moghe in Goa. As Director of the Goa Kala Academy, Shri [osalkar has directed and designed a number of productions including Mohan Rakesh's Ashad ka ek Din (1993) and AadheAdhure (1997), Chintamani Khanolkar 's Ek Shoonya Bajirao (1995), and Vijay Tendulkar 's Kamla (2007), besides dramatic renderings of several short stories. He has acted also in television serials and films.
For his services to theatre, Shri Vasam Josalkar has been awarded he Rang Samrnan (2009) by the Kala Academy of Goa. The Directora te of Art and Culture, Goa, has honoured him with its Kala Gaurav award (2010).
Shri Vasam Josalkar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Indian theatre as an actor.