Neeta Mohindra

Born in 1962 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Shrimati Neeta Mohindra has been active in theatre since 1978. A well-known actress in the Punjabi theatre today, she has also acted in Hindi, Urdu, and English plays. Having obtained a Master’s degree in fine arts and a PhD on the tribal art forms of southern Rajasthan, she has been teaching in a college since 1982. Shrimati Mohindra was groomed for her career in theatre by Shri Harpal Tiwana. To learn new ways of doing theatre, she attended a workshop by Shri M.K. Raina in 1990, and later worked with him to produce her much-acclaimed single-actor play Buhe Bariyan in Punjabi. Her collaboration with Shri Kavalam Narayana Panikkar resulted in a performance based on the episode of Jabala Satyakama in 2005. She learnt Kalaripayattu in Kerala and, thereafter, body movement in Germany under Constanza Macras. In 1992, Shrimati Mohindra established her own theatre group Rangtoli. She has acted in and directed more than thirty plays with the group, among them major productions such as Mother Courage and Raag Desh, and solo performances like Buhe Barian and Chanda Mama Door ke, based on Oriana Fallacci’s ‘Letters to a Child Never Born’. She has also performed in the puppet play Land of Five Rivers directed by Andrew Purwin. She has conducted theatre workshops in Germany, the United States, and England. Shrimati Mohindra has also held over twenty solo shows of her paintings all over the world. She has received awards for her work in theatre from the Punjab Government and the Punjabi Academy. Shrimati Neeta Mohindra receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution to theatre as an actress.