Ahmed Jan Thirakwa

I have the honour to present to you Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa, a foremost exponent of instrumental music of the Hindustani School. He began his training at a very early age and had the privilege of learning several styles of Tabla from eminent masters under whom he studied for many years and he secured recognition as one of the outstanding instrumentalists of the country. Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa’s main forte is the Tabla and he is a distinguished player of the ‘Farukhabad Baj’ and the ‘Delhi Baj’. His knowledge is vast and the fluency and sweetness with which he performs are very remarkable. Though a master in the art of accompaniment in almost all the styles of music, he is pre- eminently a solo performer of rare quality and it is in this capacity that he has distinguished himself. He is over 65 years of age and has been a court musician of Rampur for many years. For his pre-eminence in Hindustani music, and for his life long devotion and service to its cause I pray, Sir, that you may be pleased to grant him recognition in the field of instrumental music of the Hindustani School, and to award to him a Shawl, a gold Shrinkhal and a Sanad in token of that recognition.