Tripti Mitra

Srimati Tripti Mitra is amongst the foremost artistes of our country. Starting her career with the art-movement sponsored by the Indian People’s Theatre Association, she appeared in many plays and acted in the film ‘Dharti ke Lal’. Her interest in dramatic art led Srimati Tripti Mitra to establish, as a founder-member, the Bohurupee theatre group in Calcutta which has deservedly won a high reputation. She has acted with great distinction in all the plays produced by Bohurupee-notably in “Chaar Adhyaya”, “Rakta Karabi” and “Visarjan” by Rabindranath, “Putul Khela” an adaptation of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” and is currently playing the leading role in “Setu” a play in Calcutta which has established record of over six hundred performances. I present to you, Sir, Srimati Tripti Mitra who has received the Akademi’s Award for acting on the Bengali stage.