Siddheswari Devi

I present to you, Sir, Shrimati Siddheshwari Devi.
As a child Siddheshwari was charmed by classical music and received her early inspiration from her grandfather who himself was a noted musician. For six years her guru was Siyajee Maharaj of Kashi. Successive tutelage to Ustad Enayat Khan and pandit Bade Ramdasji Maharaj followed. A life devoted to music has won Smt. Siddheshwari Devi the foremost place among the vocalists in Thumri. But she is equally at home in expounding Dadra, Tappa, Kajri and Chaiti. With a rich repertoire Smt. Siddheshwari Devi has a style of singing at once chaste and dignified.
She has helped in presenting our music in neighbouring countries.
For her eminence as a musician and her services to the cause of music Smt. Siddheshwari Devi receives the Akademi Award for Hindustani vocal music.