Rahimuddin Khan Dagar

Shri Rahimuddin Dager was born in April, 1901. He belongs to the well-known Dager family of vocalists who have kept up the traditions of Dhrupad. He had his training under Ustads Zahiruddin Khan Dager, Alla Bande Khan Dager, Nasiruddin Khan Dager and Ziauddin Khan. Shri Rahimuddin Dager is one of the most distinguished Dhrupad singers of today. He has been honoured with the titles of Sangeet Ratna and Sangeet Ratnakar. He has been a Court Musician in various States, among which are Indore, Alwar and Udaipur. He has travelled abroad to participate in various music conferences.
At present he is the Professor of Vocal Music in the Bhatkhande Music University, Lucknow.
I present you Shri Rahimuddin Khan Dager who has received the Akademi Award for Vocal Music of the Hindustani School.