Sunayana Hazarilal Agarwal

Born in 1939 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Shrimati Sunayana Hazarilal received training in Kathak dance under Shri Hazarilal Kumbharam. She also learnt Bharatanatyam under Shri Chandrashekhar Pillay and vocal music from Shri G.D. Agni and Shri Sharat Chandra Arolkar. An exponent of the school of Kathak known after Shri Janakiprasad of Banaras, Shrimati Sunayana Hazarilal has earned acclaim for her distinctive style of presentation, excelling particularly in abhinaya. For more than three decades, she has performed regularly in major festivals of Kathak dance in India and has presented her art in other countries as well. Since 1974, she has been training students at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, and at Natwari, the institution founded by her teacher and husband Shri Hazarilal. Besides, she has worked to study and revive some of the old and rare compositions of Kathak which are representative of the gurus of her tradition. Shrimati Hazarilal has received several honours for her work from various insti- tutions in India. In 1994, she was honoured by the Government of Maharashtra. Shrimati Sunayana Hazarilal receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribu- tion to Kathak dance.