T. Chandrakanthamma

I present to you, Sir. Smt. Chandrakanthamma.Smt. Chandrakanthamma was born about 75 years ago in the village of Thiramakudalu in the T. Narsipur District of Mysore. She comes of a tradition of Bharata Natyam dancers and musicians. She received her training in dance and music from such stalwarts as Asthana Vidwan Shri Kashiguru, Shri B. Rachappa and Asthana Vidwan Shri Thiruvayur SubramanyaIyer. Smt. Chandrakanthamma was appointed Asthana Vidhushi by Shri Nalvadi Krishna Raja Wadyar, the late Maharaja of Mysore and she still receives pension from the Mysore Palace. She was a top singer in her younger days, and as early as 40 years ago she recorded 18 numbers for His Master’s Voice. Since her retirement, Smt. Chandrakanthamma is engaging herself in training a few chosen pupils in the Mysore style of Bharata Natyam. Recently she has constructed a large choultry, or Rest House, in her village, for the benefit of visiting artistes. For her eminence in the field of dance and her contribution to its enrichment, Smt. Chandra- kanthamma receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Bharata Natyam.