K. Venkatalakshamma

I present to you, Sir, Smt. K. Venkatalakshamma, who has received the Akademi Award for Bharata Natyam. Smt. Venkatalakshamma was born in 1906. At the age of nine she became a disciple of the celebrated dancer Jetty Thayamma of Mysore, under whom she studied for nearly 20 years. She also studied music from the late Asthana Vidwan Chikka Rama Rao and the present Asthana Vidwan Shri B. Devendrappa. At the age of 33 she was appointed Asthana Vidushi in the Mysore Palace; she continued to hold this position till 1963. Since 1954, Smt. Venkatalakshamma has been directing a dance institution in Mysore, where she has trained over a hundred pupils. Smt. Venkatalakshamma who has several awards and titles to her credit has served on a number of committees in Mysore State connected with Music and Dance.