T. Balasaraswati

I have the honour to present to you Smt. T. Balasaraswathy, a foremost exponent of the Bharat Natyam style of dancing. Smt. Balasaraswathy comes of a hereditary great family of musicians and is the grand daughter of the late Veena Dhanammal, an institution by herself. She is the pupil of Shri Kandappan, a great teacher. She is an outstanding exponent of Bharat Natyam, and excels in Abhinayam particularly Bhava. She executes with perfection the Trikala Tirmanas (rhythmical phrases of footwork). She is a creative artist of the highest order, and has a large repertoire of rare collections. Her performances command great appreciation and she is at present conducting a School of dancing under the Madras Music Academy. For her pre-eminence in Bharat Natyam and singular devotion and services to its cause, I pray, Sir, that you may be pleased to grant her recognition as a dancer of the year in the field of Bharat Natyam, and to award to her a brocade Angavastram, a gold Mala, and a Sanad in token of that recognition.