Sarachchandra Arolkar

I present to you, Sir, Pandit Sarachchandra Arolkar. Born in 1912, Pandit Arolkar was trained in the Gwalior Gharana by three great masters, namely, Pandit Krishnarao Shankar Pandit, his uncle Pandit Eknathji Pandit and Pandit Krishnarao Mulley. Having assimilated the teachings of all his Gurus he has blended them into a style which is at once rigorous and free. Pandit Arolkar traces his musical lineage back to the originators of Khyal, Shadarang and Adarang, through Haddu Khan Saheb and Nissar Hussain Khan Saheb. Pandit Arolkar has not only performed in numerous concerts all over India, but has also presented his own compo-sitions. He has contributed much to the cause of music by training many students in the Gwalior Gharana. For his eminence in music and his contribution to its enrichment, Pandit Sarach- chandra Arolkar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Hindustani Vocal Music for 1979.