Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

One of the foremost musicians of the day, and regarded as the best representative of the Patiala Gharana to which his renowned family belonged, Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan was born in 1902. He had his training from early youth under his uncle Ustad Kaley Khan and his father Ustad Ali Baksh Khan who were the top-most musicians of their times. Possessing an uncommonly rich and mellifluous voice, Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan’s special forte is his brilliant execution of tans. He is justly famous for his khayals and thumris. Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan’s pre-eminence in Hindustani music has drawn many to him from all parts of India and he takes great pride in his disciples. For his achievement in the world of music and his intense dedication to its cause, Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan has won the Akademi Award in the field of Hindustani music. Allow me, Sir, to present to you Shri Bade Gulam Ali Khan, for the Akademi Award for Hindustani music.