Dhondutai Kulkarni

Born in 1927 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Shrimati Dhondu- tai Ganeshrao Kulkarni received her training in vocal music from Ustad Bhurji Khan, Shrimati Kesarbai Kerkar, and Shrimati Laxmibai Jadhav of the Jaipur- Atrauli gharana. She received a scholarship for her training in music from the Union Ministry of Education in 1957. Shrimati Dhondutai Kulkarni had an early start as a concert artiste and has performed widely all over the country. Among the best-known Hindustani vocalists today, she has trained a number of students. She has to her credit several gramophone records, compact discs, and cassettes. The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Bombay, offered Shrimati Dhondutai Kulkarni a scholarship for higher studies in music in 1972. Shrimati Dhondutai Kulkarni receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribu- tion to Hindustani vocal music.