Mohit Chattopadhyaya

Born in 1934 in Barisal, now in Bangladesh, Shri Mohit Chattopadhyaya began his literary career as a poet in Bengali In the ’50s. With his play Kanthanalite Surra, produced in 1964, he made his first appearance as a playwright, and subsequently attracted wider notice with Rajrakta (1971). Translated into Hindi as Guinea Pig, Rajrakta was staged in the early ’70s in various parts of the country. Shri Mohit Chattopadhyaya has written steadily through the past three decades, producing 23 full-length plays and over 21 one-acters. Among his best- known plays, apart from Rajrakta, are Mrityu Sambad (1965), Chandraloke Agnikanda (1966), Mahakalir Bachcha (1978), Alibaba (1980), and Socrates (1989). Several of his plays have been translated and performed in various Indian languages.
A recipient of the Girish Award for playwriting from the Government of West Bengal, Shri Mohit Chattopadhyaya has also collaborated with Shri Mrinal Sen in writing scripts for the films Chorus, Mrigaya, Parashuram, Oka Uri Katha and Genesis. He has directed a children’s film, Egher Khela, and written scripts for puppet theatre. His published collections of poems include Ashade Srabane (1956), Golaper Biruddhe Juddha (1961) and Ankan Shiksha (1969). His novels include Jyotsnaey Nidrita Phool (1964) and Bimalendur Jiban (1967).
Shri Mohit Chattopadhyaya receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribu- tion to theatre as a playwright.