Soumitra Chatterjee

Born in 1935 in Calcutta, Shri Soumitra Chatterjee graduated with honours in Bengali literature from the University of Calcutta.
Gifted with a rich voice, he started his career as an announcer in All India Radio, but joined the theatre as an actor quite soon. Among the most popular actors of Bengal, Shri Soumitra Chatterjee has performed in a number of plays including Rajkumar, Tapasi, Nabajiban, Ratnadip, Durgesh- nandini, Andha Yug and Bidehi. He has also written and directed a number of plays.
Shri Soumitra Chatterjee has won even wider renown and following as an actor in Bengali cinema. He was Satyajir Ray’s choice for leading roles in classics such as Apur Sansar, Aparajita, Charulata and Devi, and has acted in more of Ray’s films than any other actor.
He has also enjoyed a presence in the literary world of Bengal. He has published several collections of poems and is well known for his recitation of poetry. For several decades he co-edited with Nirmalya Acharya one of the leading literary periodicals of Bengal, Ekshan.
Shri Soumitra Chatterjee receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribu- tion to Indian theatre as an actor.