Zarin Sharma

Born 1946 in Bombay, Shrimati Zarin Sharma — nee Daruwalla — learnt Sarod from Pandit Haripada Ghosh. She also learnt Hindustani vocal music from Pandit Laxman Prasad Jaipurwale, harmonium from Pandits Manohar Chimote and Bhishmadev Vedi. She was later a student of Pandit V.G. Jog, Dr S.C.R. Bhat and Dr S.N. Ratanjankar. Shrimati Zarin Sharma’s talent in Sarod came to light at the All India Music Competition in Delhi in 1960, where she received an award for instrumental music from the President of India. From her early twenties she was a popular concert artiste, performing widely in the country. She is distinguished by the quality of her melody, a fine tone, and mastery over rhythm. Shri- mati Zarin Sharma has played in films and for Akashvani for a number of years. Shrimati Zarin Sharma receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribu- tion to Hindustani instrumental music.