Mayanglambam Mangansana

Born on 1 April 1973, Mayanglambam Mangangsana Meitei received his initial training of Pena — Traditional music of Lai Haraoba under Leimapokpam Yaima and Thongam Thoiba. Later, he learnt the music from Khamgembam Mangi and Oja Khamba in guru-shisya parampara.
He has performed at many prestigious festivals in India and abroad including the All India Folk Singing Festival, Patna; Octave 2007, Hyderabad, Octave 2008, Goa and Mumbai, organized by the Ministry of Culture; and the World Music Festival of India at New York.
Mayanglambam Mangangsana Meitei has scored music for documentaries, the Loktak for Doordarashan Kendra, Imphal, and Saroi for AVRC, Manipur University. He has also presented papers on Manipur traditional music at many institutions, including the colloquium at Kentucky University, USA. He has scripted a film on Pena for Laihui and published articles on Pena and ancient traditional arts and culture of Manipur. He is a recipient of a national fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, and has been awarded by many prestigious organizations, like Mana Fee from the Sanamahi Temple Board.