Ajay Kumar

Born on 9 November 1975, Ajay Kumar graduated in Sociology from Patna University, and received his diploma with specialization in acting from the National School of Drama, Delhi. He began his theatre work with Rang Vidushak, Bhopal in 1989.
Ajay has designed music for more than 20 plays like Andher Nagari, Charandas Chor, Midnight’s Children, Vachik Magadh, Bade Bhai Saheb, and Stree Ka Desh. He has performed Badabhand To Bada Bhand and Mai Re Mai Ka Se Kahoon in Katha Gayan Vachan form, all over India.
He has also acted in many plays. These include Bakri, Bideshia, Bada Natakia Kaun, Anam Das Ka Potha, Ghasiram Kotwal, Dhoort Samagam, Bhookh Aag Hai, Vikrmoshiyam, and Othello. He has performed with the poetry of Raghuvir Sahay, Nirala, Muktibodh, Bhartendu, Nemichandra Jain, and Maitreyie Pushpa. He has acted and translated A Midsummer Night’s Dream as an international project, in collaboration with the British Council, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Capa, USA.