Nivruttibua Sarnaik

I present to you, Madam, Shri Nivrittibua Sarnaik.
Born in 1912, Shri Nivrittibua Sarnaik had his musical training under gurus Govind Vitthal Bhave Shankar Rao Sarnaik and Ustads Rajab Ali Khan, Alladiya Khan and also Savai Gan- dharva. His major grooming has been in the Jaipur gharana under the direct tutelage of Ustad Alladiya Khan whose Gayaki he has adapted and developed. His exposure to the Kirana tradition through Sawai Gandharva and Shankararao Sarnaik has enabled him to acquire a deep understanding of Swara and Raga.
Shri Sarnaik has improvised upon the Jaipur style of singing. His complex and articulate Tala pattern has a unique charm. Having assimilated the teachings of all his gurus and blending them aesthetically he has developed his own style.
Shri Sarnaik is a gifted teacher and has trained numerous pupils, of whom some are now leading artistes.
He had the honour of being the Darbar Gayak of Kolhapur State. He held the post of Professor of Music in Bombay University from 1969 to 1979. Presently, he is engaged as Guru in the Sangeet Research Academy, Calcutta, training senior students. He has receiv- ed many honours including one from Sangeet Shikshak Parishad, Bombay, in 1969, ‘Maanpatra’ from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya, Varanasi, in 1972 and from Deval Club, Kolhapur in 1978.
He has performed all over the country and was featured in the National Programme of All India Radio and on TV. He has to his credit many disc recordings.
For his eminence in the field of music and his contribution to its enrichment, Shri Nivrittibua Sarnaik receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Hindustani Vocal Music for 1980.