Shakoor Khan

Shri Shakoor Khan is one of the leading Sarangi players in the country. Receiving early training from his grandfather, Ustad Mehboob Khan and his father, Ustad Gafoor Khan, he was trained both in vocal music and Sarangi by Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan of the well known Kirana gharana. Shri Shakoor Khan is a great exponent of ragas in the classical style and has from time to time accompanied with his Sarangi all the great vocal musicians of the country. Chosen to present the music of India abroad Shri Shakoor Khan has played in Russia, Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries and has thus projected our music to people of those countries bringing us closer in cultural ties. For the eminence he has attained in the world of music and his services to its cause Shri Shakoor Khan receives the Akademi Award for Hindustani instrumental music.