Chhabi Biswas

I have the honour to present to you Shri Sachindra Nath Dey Biswas, popularly known as Chhabi Biswas, who is the recipient of the Akademi Award for Film Acting for the year 1959. Born in Calcutta on 13th July 1900 in a reputed family of Bengal with a tradition of culture, Shri Biswas joined the professional stage and screen in the year 1936. Since then he has been serving the stage and the film-world with undaunted zeal and devotion. He has appeared in over 250 pictures. With his inherent histrionic talent he has created a rich and unique mode of expression; which has won him universal recognition. In his glorious career as an actor he has portrayed roles of diverse nature with dignity and perfection. For his pre-eminence as a film actor and his life-long service and devotion to the cause, I pray, Sir, that you may be pleased to grant him recognition as Film Actor of the Year, and to award to him a Shawl, a lotus-embossed leaf in gold and a Sanad in token of that recognition.