Puranchand Wadali & Pyarelal Wadali

Shri Puranchand Wadali and Shri Pyarelal Wadali were born in 1940 and 1951, respectively, in the village of Guru ki Wadali, Punjab. They received their initial training in music from their father Shri Thakur Das and were later students of Pandit Durga Das of Amritsar, Ustads Ashiq Ali Khan, Machchan Khan, and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. A popular pair of folk singers, the Wadali brothers have to their credit a large number of successful concerts in Punjab and elsewhere in India. The excel in rendering with feeling and vivacity the lyrics of Sufi poets like Shah Hussein, Baba Farid, and Bulle Shah in the traditional style of the region. Their performances are marked by lively and imaginative improvisation. Shri Puranchand Wadali and Shri Pyarelal Wadali receive the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for their contribution to the folk music of Punjab.