Satyabhamabai Pandharpukar

Born in Sangli district of Mahara- shtra, Shrimati Satyabhamabai Pandharpurkar showed an early aptitude for music, joining at ten a Lavani group led by Godavaribai Punekar — her first teacher. She later learnt dance, Quawwali and Ghazal, estab- lishing in her twenties her own Sangeet Bari in Pune. Thereafter Shrimati Satya- bhamabai rose to popularity as a performer, acquiring a large repertoire of theatrical Lavanis. Starting out with performances in the Diwankhana style she later adopted Baithakichi Lavani as her staple. Over a career span-ning five decades Shrimati Satyabhamabai has received numerous medals and honours from the Maharashtra Govern- ment and rendered a singular service by keeping alive an art that calls for theatrical and musical abilities in equal measure. For her eminence in the field of theatre and her contribution to its enrichment Shrimati Satyabhamabai Pandharpurkar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Lavani for 1986.