Mohan Chandra Barman

Shri Mohan Chandra Barman, better known as Mohan Bhaira was born in 1900 in Kaihati village, Assam. At a very young age he was drawn to the Dhulia Bhaona theatre, a rare form confined to a few districts of Assam. He has since worked persistently for the revival and popularization of Dhulia Bhaona, composing new items for the theatre, improving upon its thematic and musical contents. Shri Barman is acknowledged as the oldest and most creative living exponent of Dhulia Bhaona today. His performan- ces are marked by lively improvisations which comment on contemporary social and economic issues. Many of his compositions were inspired by the Indian freedom struggle in the thirties and forties. Over the past several decades, Shri Barman’s abilities and style have made him immensely popular with audiences. For his eminence in the field of Theatre and his contribution to its enrichment, Shri Mohan Chandra Barman receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Bhaona for 1985.