Sakar Khan Manganiar

Born in the village of Hamira, Rajasthan, Shri Sakar Khan Manganiar belongs to the Manganiar community of musicians. He excels in playing the Kamaicha and has a large repertoire of traditional songs wh1ch he learnt from his father Shri Chuhar Khan and Shri Rana Khan Jaisalmeri. Like other musicians of his community, Shri Sakar Khan began his career by performing in the homes of jajmans or patrons in the villages of Jaisalmer district. He then performed on radio and still later was prominently featured in various national and international festivals. The performances of Shri Sakar Khan in major events including the Festivals of India in France, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., and Japan have won him high acclaim. Gramophone records and cassettes of Rajasthani music with his songs and Kamaicha solos have been issued both in India and abroad. Among other honours, Shri Sakar Khan received the Tulsi Samman of the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1990. Shri Sakar Khan Manganiar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contri- bution to the folk music of Rajasthan.