Govind Rao Burhanpurkar

I have the honour to present to you Mridangacharya, Guruji Shri Govind Rao Burhanpurkar, a foremost exponent of instrumental music of the Hindustani School. He belongs to the traditional parampara of the renowned Nana Sahib Panse Gharana and is a pupil of the late Shri Sakharamji of Indore. He is perhaps the oldest Pakhawaj player living and is an outstanding exponent of its technique. He excels in demonstrating rhythmic and cross-rhythmic evolution of “Bols” on the Pakhawaj. The fluency and sweetness with which he performs is very remarkable. He is over 70 years of age and though a master in the art of accompaniment, he is a solo performer of rare quality. He has not only many disciples but has also written several books on the Pakhawaj and Tabla, and is a scholar of eminence. For his pre-eminence in Hindustani music and for his life long devotion and service to its cause I pray, Sir, that you may be pleased to grant him recognition as musician of the year, in the field of instrumental music of the Hindustani School, and to award to him a Shawl, a gold Shrinkhal, and a Sanad in token of that recognition.