Shankar Ghosh

Born in 1935 in Kolkata, Shri Shankar Ghosh received his training in Tabla from Ananth Bose, and further honed his art under Jnan Prakash Ghosh. He has developed an eclectic style, incorporating the baaj of the Banaras, Punjab, Lucknow and Farookhabad gharanas. One of our finest solo Tabla players, he has also accom- panied a large number of eminent musicians, dancers, vocalists and instrumentalists. His performances are marked by fine technique and imagi- native improvisations. He has played a significant role as a teacher and has trained a large number of young Tabla players. He has to his credit a number of cassettes. He has received the Sangeet Research Academy Award and the Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Memorial Award for his excellence in the Tabla. Shri Shankar Ghosh receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Hindustani instrumental music.