H. S. Shiva Prakash

Born in 1954 in Bangalore, Shri H.S. Shiva Prakash received his Master’s degree in English in 1975. He has been awarded a Ph.D. by Bangalore University for his work on ‘Metaphor and Paradox in Vachana poetry in English Translation’. Shri H.S. Shiva Prakash has written eight plays in Kannada and published four books of poems, two books of literary and theatre criticism, and two books of translations of poetry. His poems have been transla- ted in several Indian languages. Shri Shiva Prakash has parti- cipated in various seminars, conducted workshops on poetry, theatre, and translation. He has visited Britain, Germany, Italy, China and Thailand as a member of delegations of Indian writers. Currently he is working as editor of Indian Literature, the journal of Sahitya Akademi, Delhi. The Karnataka Sahitya Academy has awarded Shri Shiva Prakash for his play Mahachaitra in 1986, for his poetry in 1983, and his transla- tion of King Lear in 1987. He has been honoured by the Karnataka Nataka Academy in 1995 for his outstanding work in drama. He received the Dinakar Desai Poetry Award in 1990. Shri H.S. Shiva Prakash receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contri- bution to theatre as a playwright.