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Vijaya Farokh Mehta

I present to you, Sir, Smt. Vijaya Farrokh Mehta. Smt. Vijaya Mehta was born in 1934, in Baroda. She studied theatre with eminent masters like E. Alkazi and Adi Marzban. A highly versatile and dedicated worker she has, over the years, shown excellence equally as director, actress and teacher of drama. In 1960 she formed Rangayan, an experimental and progressive theatre group, in Bombay, which has since produced 30 plays, in all of which she has acted. Smt. Mehta has been associated with many academic institutions and conducted several short-term theatre training programmes. Smt. Vijaya Mehta has travelled abroad extensively both as a student of drama and as a director. In 1971 Smt. Mehta produced, in folk style, Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Good Woman of Setzwan’, and later, in collaboration with Fritz Benewitz, the eminent authority on Brecht she produced the ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’. The latter play was also presented at the well-known Berlin Festival in the GDR and in Switzerland, and received lavish praise. Smt. Mehta has also to her credit research in the production technique of the classical Sanskrit theatre and, in this context, she has produced, ‘Mudrarakshasa’, in Marathi. The same, incidentally, she is now to produce, with a German cast, at the Weimer National Theatre, in the GDR. For her eminence in the field of Drama and her contribution to its enrichment Smt. Vijaya Farrokh Mehta receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Direction.