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Aims & Objectives

The Akademi shall have the followings aims and objectives, namely:

  • ▣ to co-ordinate the activities of regional or State Akademies of dance, drama and/or music ;
  • ▣ to promote research in the fields of Indian dance, drama and music for this purpose to establish a library and museum;
  • ▣ to cooperate with such similar academies as there may be and other institutions and associations for the furtherance of its objects and for the enrichment of Indian culture as a whole ;
  • ▣ to encourage the exchange of ideas and enrichment of techniques between the different regions in regard to the art of dance, drama and music ;
  • ▣ to encourage, where necessary, the establishment of theatre centres, on the basis of regional languages, and co-operation among different theatre centres ;
  • ▣ to encourage the sitting up of institutions providing training in the art of theatre, including instruction in actors’ training, study of stage-craft and production of plays ;
  • ▣ to encourage and assist production of new plays by awarding prizes and distinctions ;
  • ▣ to publish literature on Indian dance, drama and music including reference works such as and illustrated dictionary of handbook of technical terms ;
  • ▣ to give recognition and otherwise assist meritorious theatrical organizations where there are no State or regional organizations ;
  • ▣ to encourage the development of amateur dramatic activity, children’s theatre, the open-air theatre and the rural theatre in its various forms ;
  • ▣ to revive and preserve folk dance and folk music in different regions of the country and to encouraged the development of community music, martial music, etc.
  • ▣ to sponsor dance, drama and music festivals on all-India basis and to encourage regional festivals ;
  • ▣ to award prize and distinctions and to give recognition to individual artist for outstanding achievement in the fields of dance, drama and music ;
  • ▣ to promote cultural exchange in the fields of dance, drama and music with other countries ;
  • ▣ in furtherance of its  object, to purchase land, own property in its various forms and to maintain, sell mortgage of otherwise dispose of it ; and
  • ▣ to do all such other acts and things, whether incidental to the power aforesaid or not, as may be required in order to further the objects of the Akademi.

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