Grants to Cultural Institutions


The scheme is intended to enable the Sangeet Natak Akademi to offer grants-in-aid to select cultural institutions engaged in the promotion of performing arts, namely, music, dance and drama. The grants-in-aid scheme is to serve primarily two objectives, namely, to provide financial support to institutions engaged in training in the fields of music, dance and drama and to encourage production of new plays and ballets, etc.

Scope of the Scheme

For the fulfillment of the objectives specified in the abovementioned Para, financial assistance will be provided on an annual basis to meet the expenditure on the salaries and stipends of teachers and students, honorarium and fees to the artists, expenses on new productions which will include rental charges and expenses on publicity, maintaining shows on a regular basis and cost of establishment (including cost of administrative staff up to 15% of the total amount of the grant.)

The scheme will also provide for support to the folk performing parties in various regions working in the fields of music, dance and drama so that they are able to sustain their activities in their respective regions. The scheme will also encourage work in other specialized areas in the field of performing arts such as community singing and children's theatre.
The scheme will provide for support to research and survey projects in the field of performing arts and purchase of stage and other technical equipment.
The scheme will also provide the specific project of a specialized nature considered useful in the larger interest, for organizing festivals/special events/exhibitions of rare /dying forms of music / dance / theatre to create awareness of such art forms and for advance training, refresher courses, workshop and lecture - demonstrations etc. by eminent Gurus.

Selection of Institutions

(i) On the basis of applications received, a select list of institutions and projects/ programmes, etc. will be drawn up, keeping in view the activities and standing of the institution(s) and having due regard to the type of activities which are to be fostered and assisted.
(ii) The Akademi will also directly select institutions/individuals and formulate specific programmes and projects for implementation in various specialized fields such as short term training courses, encouragement to children's theatre and community singing and subsidy to the folk performing groups and holding of art festivals on a zonal basis. Most of these programmes will be organized in collaboration with the State/Akademies/ major institutions in the fields in the regions concerned.

Machinery for Selection and Allocation of Grants

A panel of experts called the Grants Committee will consider applications and make recommendations regarding the disbursement of grants. The Grants Committee will keep in view the requirements of various fields, namely music, dance and drama and try for a proportionate allocation of funds. The Grants Committee will specify the quantum of grants in the case of each institution. The Committee will also lay down .any special conditions and procedures in respect of the utilization of grants and also implementation of various projects and programmes.
In selecting the institutions, the Grants Committee will keep in view the objectives and criteria laid down in the preceding paragraphs and also, while selecting the institutions, will examine their source of income and the level of expenditure. Minor institutions with annual expenditure below Rs. 7,000 will normally not be considered for sanction of grants.
Canvassing in any form for securing financial assistance under the scheme will disqualify the applicant.

Procedure for Processing of Applications for Assistance

(1) All applications for financial assistance shall be in the form prescribed in the Annexure to these rules and be accompanied by the following documents:
(a) A list of office-bearers of the institution;
(b) An audited statement of income and expenditure and balance sheet as on the last date of the financial year preceding the year to which the date of application relates. (Example: If the application bears the date 31-3-2000 the audited statements of accounts for the year 1998-99 is to be sent with the application);
(c) Particulars of financial assistance, if any, received by the institution, including assistance received from the Akademi indicating the amount, source, and purpose of such assistance and how the amounts were utilized for the last three years;
(d) Report of the activities during the preceding year but one. (Example: If the application is for financial assistance for the year 1999-2000, report of activities for the year 1998-99 is to be sent);

(2) The application shall contain full details of the projects to be undertaken;
(a) ln the case of training programmes, the nature and scope of the training, the names and qualifications of the members of the
teaching staff, the number of students undergoing training shall be indicated by the institution. The institution will also submit an annual report and the result of the annual examination;
(b) In the case of new productions, the detailed estimates of cost of production, name of the play and the director, etc. will be indicated. The institution will also supply a full report of the activities and the number of shows given of the new production.
(c) In the case of survey and research projects, the nature and scope of the survey and research, the technical personnel employed, the equipment required and full details of the methodology to be adopted will have to be indicated. The institution will have to submit two copies of the report of the survey and research projects;
(d) In regard to technical equipment, the details of the various sound and light equipments with the estimated cost will have to be supplied and the nature of the utilization of the equipments required indicated. The institution will also supply a list of the equipments already in its possession.
(3) Applications for assistance shall be submitted through the State Akademi or through the State Government if there is no State Akademi so as to reach the Akademi not later than the last day of June for this year only i.e.(30-06-2010) preceding the financial year for which assistance is required. An advance copy of the application may, however, be sent to the Akademi directly.

Procedure for the Release and Accounting of Grants

(i) Within thirty days of issue of a detailed sanction letter indicating clearly the terms and conditions and quantum of the grant offered, acceptance from the institution concerned, in the form of an Assurance Certificate must be received by the Akademi. Failure on the part of the institutions to respond within the stipulated time will entail cancellation of the sanction and diversion of the grant to other institutions.
(ii) Grants will be released in two installments of 75% and 25%. Where grants are to be released for the first time (i.e. where accounts for any past grant do not remain to be rendered to the Akademi), the first installment of the grant will be released soon after the receipt of the Assurance Certificate and a stamped receipt for the amount from the institution concerned & certificate that the Grant was not received from the Department of Culture for the same purpose.
(iii) Where any grant has been given in the previous year(s), the first installment of 75% of the current year's grant will be released on receipt of (a) the Assurance Certificate mentioned in the preceding paragraph and (b) the Utilization Certificate for any past grant(s) duly signed by an office-bearer of the institution together with detailed statement of expenditure.
The second installment of 25% of the current year's grant will be released on receipt of the Utilization Certificate in respect of the past grant(s) duly countersigned by a Chartered Accountant. The Utilization Certificate should also contain his dated remarks relating to the grant, with particular reference to its utilization on the terms and conditions of the grant, together with a detailed statement of expenditure incurred and an audited statement of accounts in respect of previous grants.
(iv) Where the grants are received in more than one installment stamped receipts will be obtained in respect of each installment of the grant so released.
(v) Grants should be released to the concerned institutions before the 15th of February of each financial year. Grants for such of those institutions as have been detained for failure to render the Utilization Certificate in respect of the past grant(s) will be promptly diverted after the said date and made available to other institutions as may be decided by the Chairman of the Grants Committee and the matter reported to the Committee and the Board at their next meeting.


To the extent possible, there will be periodical visits by the officers of the Akademi and members of the Grants Committee, etc. The reports submitted by the officers will be considered by the Grants Committee at the time of consideration of the allocation of grants to various institutions.


In the event of any doubt about any of the aforesaid rules relating to the scheme, the decision of the Chairman shall be final.