M. S. Subbulakshmi

I have the honour to present to you Shrimati M.S. Subbulakshmi, a foremost exponent of vocal music of the Karnatic School.
Smt. Subbulakshmi is one of the best known exponents of Karnatic music who has won wide popularity all over the country for her enchanting voice. She comes of a hereditary family of musicians and is the daughter of Smt. Shanmuga Vadivoo, a celebrated Veena player. A talented and versatile artist, Subbulakshmi has a large repertoire of the “Kritis” of all the great composers of Karnatic music. She is also well known for her melodious rendering of Bhajans.
She has been awarded the Padma Bhooshan in recognition of her services in the cause of education and culture in the country.
For her pre-eminence in Karnatic music, and for her lifelong devotion and service to its cause I pray, Sir, that you may be pleased to grant her recognition as musician of the year, in the field of vocal music of the Karnatic School, and to award to her a shawl, a gold shrinkhal, and a sanad in token of that recognition.