Meenakshi K.

Born on 10 April 1952 in the village of Tirupoovanam in Sivaganga distric t of Tamil Nadu, Shrimati Meenakshi K. belongs to the traditional potters' community of Manamadurai. She was trained in the craft of making Chatarn by V. Vellaichamy Velar. Later, her husband V.V. Kesavan helped her master the art.
Shrimat i Meenakshi has been producing Ghatams professionally for the last four decades. She is perhaps the only Ghatam-maker who has the entire knowhow for quality Ghatams. She has mastered a special technique of beating the raw clay pot after it has been turned on the wheel: it is at this time that the pot acquires its shruti. Shrimati Meenakshi has trained her grandchildren and others from her community - both boys and girls - in making the Ghatam. Hundreds of Ghatams made by her have travelled with performers all over the world. Her work has attracted notice among musicians and the general public, having been captured on video and shown on television channels in Tamil Nadu.
Shrimati Meenakshi K. receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for her contribution tohe art of Ghatam-making.