Pundalik Narayan Naik

Born on 21 April 1952 in Volvoi village in Ponda taluk of Goa, Shri Pundalik Narayan Naik is recognized as the leading playwright and author in Konkani today. Starring his career as a schoolteacher (1972-78), he joined All India Radio, Panaji, as a sub-editor (1979), and later worked there as an Assistant Editor in charge of scripts. In 1984, Shri Naik left AIR to become a full-time writer. Besides thirty-two plays, he has published collections of short stories, novels and novellas, translations and books of children's rhyme.
Shri Naik is a pioneer in the realm of Konkani drama. Though his first play Ransundari (1974) was a verse play written for children , he has dealt with darker social themes in his works from the 1980s, focusing especially on the life of the working classes. Chhappan Thigali Yashwantrao (1980) is the tragedy of a loader at a bus stand, Suring (1982) speaks of the plight of labourers building roads, Khan Khan Mati deals with the lives of miners. Demand (1986) is a realistic portrayal of illiterate folk seeking justice at the courts . Shri Naik's play Dayj deals with dowry, while Shabai Shabi Bahujan Samaj (1986) is a scathing socio-political satire . His command over Goan folk music and the indigenous theatre have lent a special character to productions of his plays, staged in many cities in the country. Shri Naik has also written plays for radio and television, and has edited films.
Shri Naik's anthology Chowrang has fetched him the Sahitya Akademi Award (1984). He has besides received AIR’s Playwright Award (1986,1987), the Paters Award of the Australian Academy of Broadcasting and Science (1988), the Goa Government 's Award for children 's drama (1975), and the Konkani Bhasha Mandal Prize.
Shri Pundalik Narayan Naik receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Indian theatre as a playwright.