भूपेन हज़ारिका

Born in 1926 in the village of Sadiya Assam, Shri Bhupendra Kumar Hazarika has disting-uished himself as a noted exponent of the folk music of Assam and north-eastern India. Embarking upon a career as a singer and lyricist in the fifties, he has also made a mark as a script-writer and film-maker. Specially known as a composer of stage and film music, Shri Hazarika has won several awards for his documentary and feature films in Assamese, Bengali and Hindi. As a popular singer of folk songs of Assam he has received the Gold Disc from HMV. A recipient of Padma Shri in 1977, he has also been honoured by the States of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam for his pioneering work in folk music. Shri Bhupen Hazarika has been a Producer Emeritus of All India Radio from 1985. For his eminence in music and his contribution to its enrichment Shri Bhupendra Kumar Hazarika receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for folk music of Assam.