विजय तेंदुलकर

Sri Tendulkar was born in 1928 in Bombay. By profession a journalist, Sri Tendulkar is a versatile creative writer in Marathi. He has written 13 full- length plays and a number of one-act plays and short stories. Some of his better known plays like ‘Shantata, Court Chalu Aahe’ and ‘Gidhare’ have been translated and performed in several modern Indian languages. His plays deal boldly with the contemporary social issues, and his language full of dramatic tension, has a distinctive quality of its own. He has also made bold experi- ments in form and in one of his plays, ‘Sari ga Sari’, he has used the elements of Tamasha, the folk theatre of Maharashtra. Sri Tendulkar has received many awards for his plays. He received the Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya Play of the Year Award in 1969 for his play, ‘Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe’. Sri Tendulkar is also associated with a number of literary bodies and theatre associations. For his eminence in the field of drama and his contribution to its development, Sri Tendul- kar receives the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Play-writing.